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Giving, simplified.

Philox provides relief to all children in need 

through our concept of resource alchemy.

How we do it?

Resource alchemy is a unique concept which embodies the idea of detecting and managing the misused surplus of resources in a sustainable and ecological manner as well as repurposing existing materials to suit the determined needs.

By developing and utilizing resource alchemy, Philox aims to facilitate the concept of philanthropy and giving through identifying, coordinating and streamlining the charitable process all the while building a reliable infrastructure for distribution of aid to children in places of crisis.

Philox is both a think tank and grassroots collaborative movement which encourages solution finding for alternative resource usage and seeks to break down distribution barriers with the goal of making the children’s world a better place. 


Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development


Our efforts include teacher recruiting & training for skills needed to address global challenges in order to create leaders inside the communities we touch.


Collaboration is Key

Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development


We believe that everyone brings something to the table and that “many hands make light work”. Collaboration with experts in different fields widens the breadth of impact and deepens the connections made. Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something. 


Our Commitment

Curriculum Development

Our Commitment


We are committed to the ethical and efficient use of all donations for the purpose of improving the lives of children in need.

Our Story



Of Ancient Greek origin, philoxenia means ‘friend of the stranger’.
For thousands of years the concept of hospitality to others has remained deeply rooted as the opposite of xenophobia. It is with respect for this tenant of compassion that Philox is built.